HAILING FROM MACAU, the ‘Vegas of China’, Macao Imperial Tea (MIT) was introduced to the Philippines in 2017. With over 350 branches around the world, including in Vietnam, China, United States, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore, almost 100 of those are located in the Philippines.

Milk tea is the go-to drink for many millennials and young people, and milk tea cafes the place to be seen, so it’s hardly surprising MIT is one of the fastest-growing cafe chains in the country. But there is plenty of competition in the milk tea market, so it takes something special to become a Trusted Brand after only three years.

However, with its colorful and delicious drinks and snacks, and cozy ambience matched with a personalized experience, MIT is wowing the crowds. Tea-based drinks include its unique mixture of Taiwanese tea and Japanese matcha, served with toppings such as grass jelly, red bean, chestnut cream, puddings and cream cheese.

As a Fredley Group of Companiesbased business, MIT takes its strength and passion from the Philippines food service industry giant, creating dreams and achievable goals for its employees where everyone can talk openly and honestly without judgement.

Another initiative of the Fredley Group and MIT is following through with their corporate social responsibilities. This year, providing job opportunities to Filipinos with disabilities, specifically deaf people, will be a focus for MIT, while the Fredley Foundation continues to provide education scholarships and career paths for less fortunate Filipinos.