Glenda Chong


IT CAN’T BE EASY being the person charged with the responsibility of breaking the news night after night, particularly when war, economic uncertainty and human hardship are so common.

But news anchor Glenda Chong considers the responsibility an honour, and it’s one that she has worked at tirelessly for the past 25 years. As the respected anchor of Mediacorp CNA’s Asia Tonight, Glenda Chong is a face that Singaporeans trust to present the news and provide analysis that they need to know in an accurate and balanced manner, whether it’s happening locally or overseas.

“As a journalist you speak to a lot of people from a lot of backgrounds and it’s very important to be able to listen, because that’s when you get to tell their story.”

It’s certainly been a serious and tumultuous year for the news business – with constant economic and political activity, increased environmental impacts and leaps in technology across the year as the globe rebuilds and repositions post- pandemic. Throughout, Glenda and her team have presented an honest and reliable depiction of the events that have shaped our lives.

Congratulations for being voted the Most Trusted News & Current Affairs personality for 2023.