Michelle Chong


ONE OF THE BIGGEST COMEDIC TALENTS IN SINGAPORE is writer, film director, actress and social influencer Michelle Chong, who can now add scam buster to her list of qualifications. Back in January, she took to Facebook to warn people that a gummy bear weight loss product, featuring her as its ambassador and posted on social media, was a scam. She alerted her followers and reported it the scam to police. Her quick response no doubt

“If [it were] not for the fact that I’m in this line, I wouldn’t take any photos of myself.”

saved many from falling victim to this most unwelcome misuse of her trusted name.

For the past five years, Michelle has won the votes of Singaporeans in the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Personality survey, which accompanies the Trusted Brands poll. Her versatility, talent and intelligence has seen her build a homegrown media empire loved by many Singaporeans.

Her recent partnership with the Ministry of Transport, Singapore has resulted in some hilarious videos, particularly the eight-year-old MRT genius, all of which help spread the news about changes to the local train network. Her girl-next-door familiarity only adds to her ‘brand’ of parody – genuine and honest good fun, with room for serious social comment.

Congratulations Michelle for being the Most Trusted Entertainment/Variety Presenter for 2023.