Alif Satar


ALIF SATAR LAUNCHED ONTO THE MALAYSIAN ENTERTAINMENT SCENE in 2006 when, as a 16 year old with a magnificent voice, he won the One in a Million reality TV show.

His career has gone from strength to strength ever since and today, at 32, Alif’s career has expanded to a successful singing, acting, TV hosting and producer profile and is a much-admired household name. The father of three and resident of Kuala Lumpur has a string of hit songs and albums.

“Never forget your roots no matter how far you’ve come. Respect your parents, respect your professors, respect those who are always at your side.”

He has appeared in nine films, 15 television drama series, 12 television movies, 25 television programmes, as well as performed in stage productions.

Among his greatest achievements was the success of  ‘Sesungguhnya2019’, which shot to the number 1 position on the Malaysian Top 40 Top Chart after its release on May 10, 2019, and spent 206 weeks on the chart.

Trust is built on shared values, reliability and consistency, and for these reasons, Alif is a well-deserving recipient of the 2023 Most Trusted Entertainment & Variety Presenter.