Alif Satar


PERFORMER AND PRESENTER ALIF SATAR is not one to take it easy. The 33-year-old Penangite wears many hats. He’s a singer and songwriter, the frontman for his band The Locos, actor, TV host and a father of three. He is also an athlete and has participated in the Ironman Langkawi meet and other races.

But a little-known ability won hearts across the nation when a fan shared a video of him chatting with a hearing impaired fan in sign language. Alif learnt sign language from his parents while they were working as special education teachers.

A recent highlight for Alif was when his band The Locos played with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Ahmad Muriz Che Rose to mark the 25th anniversary of the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas. The band performed fan favourites such as Anugerah Terindah. Previously, Alif had said that he views musical collaborations as a bridge for artists to shre ideas and grow.

And if that is not enough to keep people talking about him, more recently Alif starred in the hit horror film, Anak Perjanjian Syaitan 2 alongside Eyka Farhana. Alif plays a compassionate religious teacher in the film, which focuses on the dangers of dabbling in black magic.

Congratulations to Alif on being voted the 2024 Most Trusted Entertainment & Variety Presenter.