Amyra Rosli


THIS IS THE SECOND CONSECUTIVE YEAR that Amyra Rosli has been voted the Most Trusted TV Host/Presenter for News & Current Affairs, so whatever she’s doing on Nona, she should keep on doing it!

For 31-year-old Amyra, an actress and mother of two, hosting the women’s current affairs show, a Malaysian TV institution that has been running for more than 37 years, has been a ‘dream come true’.

“Poor, rich, happy, sick, successful are all tests. Always be grateful for what the Almighty has arranged.”

Each show, Amyra welcomes and engages with other Nona panellists and guests with an energy and intelligence that is instantly compelling.

Amyra has been vital to the show’s success in attracting younger viewers in recent years, as the topics she leads continue to educate, entertain and inform its loyal female audience.

The show’s new Inspirasi segment has proved particularly appealing to loyal audiences, and producers say it has helped to attract younger viewers. The inspirational women featured on the series are a source of motivation and reference to Malaysia’s homemakers and working women alike.

Malaysian audiences trust Amyra’s genuine portrayal of women’s issues, interests and rights both at home and in the workforce.