Amyra Rosli


EVERY SUNDAY AT 2PM without fail millions of women across Malaysia settle down in their living rooms to watch Nona, hosted by Amyra Rosli. The experienced actress’s roles include Nur and Nur 2, and more recently Seratus. In August 2021, Amyra joined Nona – a programme that focuses on issues that interest and concern women. Nona’s loyal viewers are discerning and feel strongly about the programme and its presenter, but when Amyra took over the reins, her professional demeanour and genuine interest in the show’s topics and interviewees quickly won them over. Nona has been showing for nearly 40 years now and is Malaysia’s longest-running TV show.

Among the topics tackled by Amyra are the roles women play in modern society, jobs and careers, health, relationships and parental issues. The programme also touches on lighter topics such as cooking and fashion, and aims to reach different age groups.

These days, Nona has become a place where women with inspiring stories to tell can share them with a wider audience.

While taking on the occasional acting role, the mother of two has said that she is only interested in quality scripts. She is also a keen cook and enjoys sharing recipes with her family and fans.

This is the third year that Malaysians have voted Amyra Rosli as the Most Trusted TV Host/Presenter for News & Current Affairs.