The Flying Dutchman (Mark van Cuylenburg)


RADIO BROADCASTER MARK VAN CUYLENBURG began his career in radio in the 1980s, taking on the moniker of the Flying Dutchman, a homage to his Dutch heritage.

Today, after 40-plus years and countless early-morning starts, The Flying Dutchman is a national treasure among morning radio listeners, whose dedication to keeping the conversation flowing and the topics and tone real, is much appreciated by his The BIG Show listeners on Kiss92 FM.

Together with his long-term on-air partners Glenn Ong and Angeline Teo, the Flying Dutchman enjoys mornings of laughter, joke sharing and playful banter that makes the morning commute just that bit easier.

“I believe that every now and then, you need to stir the pot and make things new and interesting. That is what we are doing.”

While rising well before the sun five days a week isn’t for everyone, for The Flying Dutchman spending his weekday mornings (6am to 10am) on air is the only place he wants to be.

Father to four daughters and granddaddy to one granddaughter, the radio presenter’s on-air humour appeals to the show’s largely male audience (30 years and over) who tune in regularly. This flair with callers and easy approach has kept Singapore’s English-radio morning commuters entertained for countless sunrises and isn’t looking at easing up any time soon.

We launched the Most Trusted Radio Presenter award back in 2014, and since then the award has been won repeatedly by the Flying Dutchman, making this year his tenth consecutive win. The 64-year-old veteran has clearly earned his place as Singapore’s Most Trusted Radio Presenter for 2023.