DJ Lin


SURIA CINTA HOST DJ LIN has captured the hearts of Malaysians once again. This is the fourth consecutive year that the beloved radio personality has been voted the Most Trusted Radio Presenter in Reader’s Digest’s Annual Trusted Brands Awards.

DJ Lin, or ‘Sis Lin’ as she is also fondly known, has helmed Suria Cinta for over 20 years and offers listeners a compelling blend of relationship advice, music that appeals to all ages, and a segment enabling listeners to dedicate messages to loved ones.

According to recent radio measurement statistics, Suria Cinta has the highest weekly TSL (time spent listening) across all Malay-language commercial stations.

“Thank you to all the listeners who continue to support and choose Suria as their preferred radio station and for making us relevant in the radio industry until now,” said DJ Lin, who doubles as Suria FM’s general manager.

DJ Lin, whose off -air name is Roslinda Abdul Majid, is a self-described ‘food lover’ and often shares cooking videos with fans of the dishes her family makes at home.