DJ Lin


LOVE IS NO EASY TOPIC, but for radio DJ Lin, helping and guiding the listeners of her popular love show, Suria Cinta, on Suria FM has made her a trusted household name across Malaysia. For 24 years, DJ Lin, whose off -air name is Roslinda Abdul Majid, has been driven to deliver the best radio experience and love advice to her loyal 8 FM (Kuala Lumpur) radio listeners.

“All the awards and accomplishments I have received are truly valuable to me, and they wouldn’t be possible without the support of the fans – both of DJ Lin and the show Suria Cinta.”

On air every Sunday to Friday from 8pm to 1am, DJ Lin is a friendly and supportive voice during the quiet late-night hours when many feel their loneliest.

Her popularity shone through when, last November, DJ Lin was forced to go to hospital following acute stomach pain. During her hospital stay DJ Lin kept her listeners informed about her health scare via social media – and over the following days her fans left encouraging messages and emojis on social media and wished her a speedy recovery.

This response was proof of how trusted and important she is to her listeners; her care and concern for them was reciprocated in abundance.

Reader’s Digest is thrilled that DJ Lin has been once again voted Most Trusted Radio Presenter for 2023 – for the third consecutive year.