OROCAN HAS BEEN PROVIDING INNOVATIVE, durable, value-formoney plastic products that Filipinos use on a daily basis since 1984. The brand name Orocan means ‘gold container’ and was coined by putting the words ‘ORO’, which means gold in Spanish, and ‘CAN’, English for container, together. Gold, meaning here superior quality, is what Orocan strives for every time it develops a new product for its fellow citizens, and is why Orocan is Filipinos’ brand of choice and consistent Trusted Brands winner when it comes to plasticware.

Its range includes the insulated Koolit 1L to 2L water jugs, the hugely popular 22L insulated Koolit Cantina – which can keep your drinks cold for up to four days – and 8L, 15L, 30L and 45L Koolit Iceboxes. Always open to customer feedback for ways in which to improve its products, Orocan recently redesigned the handle of its Koolit Iceboxes to make them easier to carry when full. Since the upgrade to its handles, the Koolit Icebox line has become Orocan’s number one category.

Other updates to its product lines is the inclusion of neutral colors for kitchen items and the Caha de Oro cabinets and drawers range. But it’s not just product lines that are continually evolving, so is Orocan’s advertising strategy. Two years ago, it used humour to launch its “ang plastic na totoo” (the real plastic) campaign. It continues to use humour in its campaigns to engage with customers, which have been so successful that Orocan advertisements are now seen as a form of entertainment rather than just a medium to sell products and are shared countless times on social media.