THE OROCAN BRAND NAME WAS coined 35 years ago from two words, ‘ORO’ which means gold in Spanish, and ‘CAN’ which is English for containers. The name is directly translated as ‘gold container’, which allows the brand to convey its core brand values of providing innovative, valuable, and durable plastic products.

Orocan’s tagline, ‘Maayos Ang Buhay Mo!’, communicates that the brand is always looking for innovative ways to create durable products that help make everyday life better. Orocan produced pails and large water containers to address the water crisis in the country in its early years, and created the Caha de Oro plastic cabinets and drawers to help organize and save space in small Filipino homes.

The brand is now focusing on the Koolit Insulated line with a refreshed look for the Koolit Icebox, and the introduction of the Cantina Water Dispenser. These products are not only affordable, but are also well up to par with imported counterparts.

As Orocan celebrates its 35th year, Filipinos can trust that Orocan’s current product lines will continue to evolve, and that new products are continuously developed to cater to the market’s needs.