TODAY’S CONSUMERS HAVE become more discerning, their needs ever-evolving. Modern technology has given rise to solutions that are able to meet these needs, empowering consumers to live better.

With this in mind, Carrier embraces the digital revolution while staying true to its legacy as innovator, inventor, and a trusted name in air conditioning through the introduction of the Carrier Smart+Cool System.

The Smart+Cool plug and app works with internet and Bluetooth connectivity to give you unparalleled control over your aircon unit – all from your smartphone.

Real-time updates on electricity consumption enable you to monitor spending at any given moment so you can change your aircon settings accordingly, allowing you to save up to 50% in electricity.

Eliminate bill shock by either setting a weekly electricity budget or using the scheduler to limit the number of hours your unit runs.

Maintain your unit with ease through a host of convenient features. Turn your unit on or off from anywhere, anytime. Chat in real time 24/7 with Carrier’s service team for any aircon related concerns. Set maintenance reminders and book service requests.

Total control. Total convenience. A whole new air conditioning experience.