EXPERT IN AIR AND CLIMATECONTROL SOLUTIONS, Carrier champions a healthier, safer and cooler indoor living space. Its goal is to create homes that allow Filipinos and their families to thrive through clean and safe air made possible by advanced climate-control solutions. Carrier ensures a rigorous 19-stage testing for its air conditioners, which guarantees durability and efficiency for everyday use.

Additionally, Carrier air conditioners are built with elaborate air filters that deodorize the air we breathe and inhibit harmful bacteria, viruses and microparticles.

When the pandemic struck, Carrier swiftly launched its e-commerce platform to make their products easily available to everyone from the safety and convenience of their homes. Shortly afterwards, it opened its own Viber Community, Carrier Philippines, to create deeper and more meaningful connections with its customers, and make transactions seamless.

While staying true to its promise of providing quality air solutions, the brand introduced Carrier Aura Plus, an efficient product that costs as low as P1.94* per hour to run. This makes it an efficient partner in cooling homes, especially now when many continue to work and learn from the safety and comfort of their personal spaces.

Carrier indeed has been the standard of every Filipino seeking quality products. It continues to sustain the customers’ trust by keeping their needs in mind, while prioritizing the delivery of quality products and services.

“Carrier ensures a rigorous 19-stage testing for its air conditioners.”

* As tested by Meralco Power Lab if used continuously for one (1) hour at thermostat 24°C and fan speed 2 (average room temperature can be obtained at 25°C) in 6sqm room size.