SAJI COOKING OIL has been fulfilling the cooking needs of Malaysians since it was launched over 20 years ago. Since then, Saji Cooking Oil has undergone a series of transformations to improve packaging resilience, widen product accessibility, and maintain quality.

The relationship Saji has with its consumers through social media allows the cooking oil company to understand local tastes, local recipes and local culture, and has provided it with direction when change is required. This deeper understanding of how Malaysians cook with Saji products at home has encouraged the local culinary expert to expand beyond cooking oils and into other palm-based products.

History plays an important role in the Saji brand. Saji Cooking Oil is made with crude palm oil obtained from the oil palm fruits of FELDA (Federal Land Development Authority) plantations. FELDA was founded in 1956 by Malaysia’s second prime minister to resettle the rural poor into newly developed areas, opening its first oil palm settlement in 1961. So it is little wonder that so many Malaysians have a deep-rooted loyalty to the brand. Saji’s end-to-end supply chain allows it to manage the cooking oil production from upstream (oil palm plantation management, palm fruit selection, and crude palm oil extraction) to downstream (production, packing and distribution). This ensures a plant-to-plate guarantee.

Additionally, FELDA affiliate FGV Holdings (Malaysian-based global agribusiness and food company) is equipped with a research and development department that works in collaboration with Saji’s downstream division to continuously improve and maintain the high quality of Saji products.