THE KNIFE BRAND OF COOKING OIL is a household name and has been a constant companion at the family dining table for generations of Malaysians – many of whom acknowledge that they grew up together with Knife Cooking Oil. The brand is synonymous with more aroma and more taste, which it has always delivered in all its products.

A clear brand leader in the blended cooking oil segment, Knife's blend of cooking oil produces a unique peanut aroma and a taste that enhances the flavour and fragrance for all types of dishes. Thus, ‘Mom’s’ cooking is always at its best with Knife Cooking Oil.

With its brand strength and heritage, Knife believes it has a role to play in promoting good family values. This has become part of the brand’s DNA, and has formed part of its brand value of ‘family togetherness’ message in its communications strategy for the past four years.

The Knife brand recently launched a series of short videos under “Always Be There” campaign, featuring an inspiring and true story of Mr Low Wee Keong (Ah Keong), with several dishes and recipes. Despite Ah Keong losing his eyesight in an accident, he did not give up and shared his journey of rediscovering his passion and life. The videos resonate well with viewers and hit over 3.3 million views on Facebook.

With the success of Knife digital videos, it is undeniable that the adoption of digital and social media marketing is crucial in resonating with today’s consumers.

Testament to Knife continued success, this year marks 22 consecutive wins in the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand awards.

The Knife brand is synonymous with more aroma and more taste, and has consistently delivered on its brand promise