THE KNIFE BRAND OF COOKING OIL is truly a household name. It has been a constant companion at the family dining table for generation after generation of Malaysians – many of whom acknowledge that they grew up together with Knife Cooking Oil. The brand is synonymous with good aroma and good taste, which it has always delivered in all its product offerings.

A clear leader in the blended cooking oil segment, Knife's proprietary blend of cooking oil produces a unique peanut aroma and taste that enhances the flavour and fragrance for all types of dishes. Thus ‘Mom’s’ cooking is always the best with Knife Cooking Oil.

With such a strong brand strength and heritage, Knife believes that it has a role to promote good family values in society and this has become part of the brand’s DNA and mission. As part of its brand values; ‘strong family togetherness’ has also become the core communication message of Knife brand videos in digital media for the past two years. Its short videos resonate well with its consumers and have hit top viewership ratings in the Youtube channel.

Not resting on its laurels, the brand continues to reach out to consumers with extensive road shows in morning markets, promoting its cooking oil and sauces range during major festive celebrations. In addition, Mr. Wayne Lai, a popular Hong Kong celebrity, is the Knife brand spokeperson, endorsing its products for many years.

Testament to the Knife brand’s continued success is it winning the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand award for 20 consecutive years.