A HOUSEHOLD NAME TRUSTED SINCE THE 1970s, homemakers prefer Cap Buruh Cooking Oil for preparing their delicious meals.

Being the palm oil industry pioneer, Cap Buruh is made in accordance to stringent and top quality manufacturing standards to produce a 100% pure golden yellow palm cooking oil, which is rich in vitamin E with no cholesterol.

Its cooking oil has gone through rigorous frying test cycles by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) Research Centre. With such diligent quality control, Cap Buruh is the only brand in Malaysia recognised for its product’s unique selling point of “Tahan 3X Goreng”. This means it can withstand 3 times frying cycles, and thus provides great deep-frying stability while maintaining the crispiness and taste of food.

Versatile for all sorts of cooking methods, Cap Buruh Cooking Oil continues to receive excellent consumer loyalty. Not resting on its laurels, the brand is launching a new communication campaign this year, namely “Usah Gugup, Cap Buruh Pasti Rangup!” Based on insights from its loyal consumers’ experiences and beliefs, Cap Buruh wants to resonate with them by emphasising the “Extra Crispiness” when fried with its cooking oil. Such brand investments are also in line to support the Government’s effort to promote the “Love Malaysia Palm Oil” campaign.