Amway Nutrilite

SOURCING ITS INGREDIENTS from the Best of Nature, and its expertise from the Best of Science, Nutrilite’s vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements provide a complete array of supplements for a range of health needs. Nutrilite sources its natural and organic plant concentrates from over 6000 farms, and highly purified vitamins and minerals from around the world that meet its exacting quality standards.

Traceability and safety has been a priority for the brand ever since Carl Rehnborg founded Nutrilite more than 80 years ago. It has since grown to become the world’s No. 1 selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand*. A team of 900 scientists research, test and formulate the products – 1000 of which have patents – to meet the nutritional needs of its customers and keep their health in optimal shape.

Full food microbiology testing for the tiniest traces of unwanted materials underscores the company’s long-standing commitment to traceability and gives customers peace of mind knowing their Nutrilite supplements are as pure, safe and effective as possible.

In July, Nutrilite is launching an upgraded and enhanced gut health supplement, Mixed Probiotic with Chicory Root Extract. Equipped with ‘stick-to-the-gut’ technology’, it allows good bacteria to reach the gut without being destroyed by stomach acid. BodyKeyTM by Nutrilite, the company’s weight management programme, will also be launching an energy and snack bar.

*Euromonitor International Limited; Vitamins and Dietary Supplements, World, GBN, Retail Value RSP, % breakdown, 2013