Award: Gold
Category: Washing Machines

WHIRLPOOL’S STEADFAST COMMITMENT to excellence is the foundation of the brand’s philosophy.

Proudly marking over a century of industry excellence, Whirlpool’s investment in research and development underscores its dedication to delivering products with features and benefits that seamlessly blend innovation and reliability, such as its range of cutting-edge, eco-friendly appliances launching this year.

“Among the highlights of our upcoming product lines are big-sized laundry appliances, inverter no-frost refrigerators, and mid-sized microwave ovens,” said Mr. Ryan Mistades, Whirlpool Philippines Brand Manager.

To enable Whirlpool to address consumer concerns promptly with effective solutions, the appliance brand provides open lines of communication – reinforcing the trust customers place in the company, who, in turn, give back by fostering long-term loyalty.

“Our unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled products ensures that Whirlpool remains the brand of choice for Filipino households seeking reliable, state-of-the-art appliances,” said Mr. Mistades.


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