Award: Gold
Category: Natural Supplements

BUILT ON THE CONCEPT THAT ‘if you feed the body’s cells what they need, your body will be supported’, has been an endless driving force to innovate and advance the science of nutrition at USANA – the natural supplement brand which has been putting a healthy and happy life within reach of Filipinos since 2009.

Founded by internationally recognized microbiologist, immunologist and pioneer of infectious disease diagnoses, Dr. Myron Wentz discovered through his groundbreaking work with human cell cultures that it takes more than giving cells vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep them healthy.

USANA’s ongoing scientific research and its insatiable drive to produce exceptional products is why the brand is trusted by more than 4,000 professional athletes and everyday people who believe health is a vital part of a long, happy life.

“This year is a big milestone for USANA Philippines,” said Cherry Ampig. “In 2024, we will be igniting our passion anew to empower us to revive our legacy, emerge even stronger and realize our goal to reach 1 million active customers worldwide.”


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