Award: Platinum
Category: Cooking Oils

SAJI COOKING OIL has been catering to the cooking requirements of Malaysians for over two decades, evolving consistently to enhance packaging durability, broaden product availability, and uphold top-notch quality standards.

Through active engagement on social media and on ground interactions, SAJI has fostered a strong bond with its consumers, gaining valuable insights into local tastes, recipes, and cultural preferences. This intimate under-standing of how Malaysians use SAJI products in their kitchens has spurred the brand to diversify beyond cooking oils into a range of palm-based offerings, including creamer, instant noodles, cooking sauces, and coconut milk.

The historical significance of SAJI is deeply intertwined with FELDA’s legacy, sourcing crude palm oil from FELDA’s plantations established in the 1960s to resettle and uplift the rural population. This heritage has engendered a profound sense of loyalty among many Malaysians towards the brand.

With an integrated supply chain spanning from oil palm cultivation and fruit selection to palm oil extraction, production, packaging and distribution, SAJI ensures a comprehensive quality assurance process, guaranteeing a farm-to-table commitment.

Boasting a dedicated research and development unit collaborating closely with SAJl’s production division, the brand is steadfast in its pursuit of continual enhancement and maintenance of its product quality. As a prominent player in Malaysia’s food industry, SAJI strives to contribute significantly to the nation’s food security by offering high-quality, nourishing, and reasonably priced food items to all Malaysians.

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