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For more than 200 years, Pos Malaysia has been a trusted post and parcel service provider. Delivering more than 325 million letters and 27.5 million parcels to more than 11 million addresses across the nation, Pos Malaysia continuously adapts to the dynamic needs of the rakyat and is a well-known by all Malaysians.

From its origins as the national post and parcel service provider, and the sole licensee for universal postal services in the country, Pos Malaysia has diversified to also offer retail, aviation and logistics solutions and services.

Recognising the impact of the digital era, Pos Malaysia has ventured into e-commerce, cross-border shipping and digital solutions, ensuring that its services remain relevant in an ever-changing landscape.

By focusing on service quality and improving the customer experience, the company has maintained its reputation as a trusted service provider as reflected in the MCMC Courier Challenge survey, where Pos Malaysia achieved 96 per cent in ‘guaranteed delivery performance’, surpassing the industry average of 78 per cent.

With the launch of its sustainability roadmap to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050, the company is progressively delivering on its environmental responsibility as it transforms its fleet to be clean and green by 2030, and retrofits its buildings with solar panels.

Through a combination of history, innovation and dedication, Pos Malaysia has firmly established itself as a trusted brand with a long-standing reputation to ‘deliver’, as it continues to evolve and shape the future of the post and parcel sector in Malaysia.

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