Award: Gold
Category: Private Hospitals

FOR GENERATIONS, MALAYSIANS have put their trust in Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur (PHKL). Offering 38 medical specialties, PHKL is capable of handling complex and high-stakes cases, adapt to diverse needs, and offers the services of more than 200 specialist doctors, so it’s not surprising that PHKL has been a trusted partner in many a patient’s healthcare journeys since 1974 and the recipient of a gold Trusted Brand award.

Over the past decade, PHKL has invested significantly in medical technological advancements, cementing its position as a leading healthcare provider that patients can rely on. In 2020, PHKL started active clinical trials. “It’s a real accomplishment for a private hospital to have as many clinical trials. It started during the pandemic with just nine active trials and now boasts 30,” said CEO Erica Lam.

“The growth of our clinical research centre is impressive, especially when you consider the obstacles we’ve had to overcome, such as difficulty in recruiting end-stage patients and the challenge of obtaining regulatory approval from government health bodies.”

To create awareness around the importance of health screening, PHKL runs two major projects each year, Screen To Be Sure – a cancer awareness campaign – and Pink October. “These initiatives are crucial as health screening is not prevalent in many Asian countries.”

PHKL observed recently that more younger Malaysians are suffering from illnesses. In response, the hospital is driving a health awareness message through social media, with a strong presence on TikTok, to target the younger generation.

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