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WATER IS THE ESSENCE OF LIFE and also a foundation of our ‘Inner Wellbeing’. In recent years, water purifiers have become a necessity in Malaysia and are now commonplace in many households across the country. To keep up with demand, Panasonic has developed a series of water purifiers that are durable and highly effective in removing substances, ensuring Malaysians have access to clean, fresh water every time they turn on the tap. And with two designs of water purifiers – under-sink and faucet – Panasonic has a water purifier to suit any home.

The under-sink water purifier leaves kitchen counters free from clutter and is equipped with a 3-cartridge purification system: the polypropylene (PP) cartridge, ultrafiltration (UF) cartridge, and activated carbon block (CB) cartridge.

The UF filter membrane removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, while the CB cartridge removes residual chlorine, sediments, rust and other volatile organic compounds (VOC) providing safe, tasty and odour-free drinking water, making it an essential item in the kitchen.  The faucet water purifier is fitted with a MicroClear4000 cartridge that contains high-performance activated carbon and can purify as much as 4,000 litres of tap water – equivalent to saving 4,000 one-litre plastic water bottles a year from landfill.

As convenience is key to every Panasonic home care solution, its water purifiers come with an LCD screen that shows the exact time to replace the battery or cartridge.

“Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.” – encapsulates Panasonic’s core values that prioritise holistic well-being, unwavering quality and meaningful societal contribution.


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