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CATEGORY: Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, TVs, Washing Machines, Water Purifiers

AS ONE OF PANASONIC’S THREE VALUES, ‘Outer Wellbeing’ focuses on physical hygiene. As a large part of physical cleanliness and hygiene comes from having clean clothes, Panasonic developed a range of washing machines that feature powerful antibacterial technology, such as its Care+ Edition washing machines – which are designed with wellness in mind as well as taking the hassle out of clothing care.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun have a natural yet powerful sterilising property, which is

why drying clothes outdoors has an additional bacterial effect. Panasonic wanted to bring this into its washing machines and designed the groundbreaking Blue AG+ technology, which combines UV light with AG silver ions to provide a powerful antibacterial effect.

Tests have shown that Blue AG+ technology eliminates 99.99% of bacteria when washing clothes, while the Blue AG+ ions coat fabric fibres during the rinse cycle and provide up to 18 hours of anti-bacterial protection.

Panasonic’s Care+ Edition washing machines are also supported with the StainMaster+ feature, a hot-wash function to remove the most stubborn stains that eliminates 99% of allergens.

Going above and beyond, Care+ Edition washing machines also provide a Dry Assist function, which is useful on wet days to dry daily wear items, such as school uniforms, work clothes and sportswear.

Ultimately, Panasonic gives you peace of mind by keeping the items closest to you clean, safe and hygienic. ‘Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.’


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