Award: Gold
Category: Vacuum Cleaners

PANASONIC VACUUM CLEANERS are more than mere cleaning appliances, they are reliable household companions.

For example, Panasonic’s groundbreaking Float-Lite Technology significantly reduces the weight on the hand, making vacuuming with any of its Cordless Stick series a light and effortless experience. The brand also focuses on ergonomics. Selecting the optimal combination of handle shape and center-of-gravity balance from over 840 possibilities, Panasonic has minimized the burden on the hand, making its vacuum cleaners extremely comfortable to use.

Panasonic understands that hair and pet fur getting tangled in traditional vacuum cleaner nozzles adds stress to the cleaning process. It has addressed this concern with its Tangle-Free Power Nozzle – which suctions over 99% of hair and pet fur without tangling.

Another of Panasonic’s hallmark features is its versatile nozzle. Catering to all floor types, including tiles, carpets and hardwood, it ensures the seamless transition between different flooring without the need for multiple attachments.

“By consistently pushing the boundaries of design, we aim to provide ourcustomers with not

just efficient cleaning solutions, but also aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly devices that stand out in their homes,” said Satoshi Kono, Panasonic Philippines Executive Director.


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