Award: Platinum
Category: Water Purifiers

TO ENHANCE CONSUMERS’ QUALITY OF LIFE, award-winning brand novita has been creating smart, innovative home appliances in Singapore for more than 23 years. 

This year, consumers can rejoice in the finest water quality possible with the ‘Made in Korea’ NP12000 – The Prestige, which gives you instant access to nine types of functional water – six alkaline levels, one purified level and two acidic levels – to extend your application beyond drinking into sanitizing, beauty, cooking, washing and cleaning.

Powerful, functional and smart, the NP12000 removes particulates, chlorine, odour and organic matter with its high-performance carbon block filter – while keeping essential minerals intact – and undergoes an electrolysis process with nine platinised titanium electrode plates to separate it into alkaline and acidic water.

Rich in electrolytes to boost mental alertness and sustainable energy levels, compared with regular water, HydroPlus® Alkaline Antioxidant Water has higher solubility and permeability thanks to its smaller water molecule cluster size and is brimming with four HydroPlus® beneficial properties: 

  1. alkaline water – which neutralizes excess acidic waste to promote body pH balance;
  2. hydrogen water – to promote antioxidant effects;
  3. hydrating water – to facilitate hydration and detoxification, and
  4. oxygenizing water – to promote body metabolism and circulation while revitalizing the body.

Coming with a sleek stainless-steel faucet, intuitive touch panel and compact undersink unit, the NP12000 brings sophistication to your kitchen.

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