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IF THERE IS ONE THING SINGAPOREANS HAVE LEARNED from the pandemic and recent years of annual haze pollution, it is the importance of good indoor air quality. 

“As many of us spend a lot of time in air-conditioned buildings, Mitsubishi Electric has launched the Plasma Quad Connect – a new filtration system to further enhance indoor air quality,” says Mr Ke Yam Cheong, Senior General Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Asia Living Environment Division.

The high-performance air purifying device can be conveniently attached to existing Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units* where Plasma Quad Technology will effectively improve indoor air quality significantly. By applying 6000 volts to the electrode, it generates plasma that effectively removes various kinds of particles from the air, such as viruses, bacteria, moulds, allergens, dust and the air pollutant PM2.5. 

Apart from the product innovations, Mitsubishi Electric places great importance on its corporate social responsibility initiatives with the aim to address social and environmental challenges.

“As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to giving back to the communities and enriching life for all. By doing so, we forge strong partnerships with non-profit organisations and local communities through organising a broad range of community-based philanthropic activities, participation in community and social welfare outreach programmes, as well as support in educational initiatives with the purpose to build a prosperous and sustainable future,” says Mr Frederick Goh, Director of Corporate Affairs at Mitsubishi Electric Asia.

*Applicable Models: M Series MSZ-EF/AP/AS/GS, MSY-GN; Mr Slim SEZ-M, PKA-M, PLA-M, PEAD-M; City Multi PKFY-P, PLFY-P (VEM), PEFY-P (VMS1/VMX/VMA); Hybrid PKFY-WL, PLFY-WL (VEM), PEFY-WP (VMS1/VMX/VMA).

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