Award: Gold
Category: Air Conditioners

SINGAPOREANS HAVE LEARNED from years of experience the importance of good indoor air quality. Because we spend a lot of time in air-conditioned buildings, Mitsubishi Electric launched the Plasma Quad Connect – a filtration system that further enhances indoor air quality. The high-performance air purifying device with Plasma Quad Technology significantly improves indoor air quality by applying 6000 volts to the electrode. This process generates plasma that effectively removes various kinds of particles from the air, such as viruses, bacteria, moulds, allergens, dust and the air pollutant PM2.5.

Conveniently, the Plasma Quad Connect effortlessly attaches to many existing Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units*.

Apart from driving product innovations, Mitsubishi Electric Asia places great importance on its corporate social responsibility, undertaking initiatives to address social and environmental challenges. “This is in alignment with our Mitsubishi Electric Group’s purpose as we aim to contribute to the realisation of a vibrant and sustainable society through continuous technological innovation and ceaseless creativity,” said Mr Frederick Goh, Director of Corporate Affairs at Mitsubishi Electric Asia.

“We strive to create new economic and social value for the society.”

*Applicable Models: M Series MSZ-EF/AP/AS/GS, MSY-GN; Mr Slim SEZ-M, PKA-M, PLA-M, PEAD-M; City Multi PKFY-P, PLFY-P (VEM), PEFY-P (VMS1/VMX/VMA); Hybrid PKFY-WL, PLFY-WL (VEM), PEFY-WP (VMS1/VMX/VMA).

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