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ARMED WITH TWO DECADES OF industry knowledge and inspired by a mission to deliver quality health supplements, Ricky Ong co-founded JR Life Sciences in 2007, later launching Holistic Way. Guided by core values to provide quality and value to all, Mr Ong’s commitment helped the company grow extensively, and today it is a leading importer and distributor of health supplements in Singapore.

Recently, Holistic Way expanded into the PREMIUM product portfolio to become a highly recognisable Health & Wellness Brand. The latest Holistic Way PREMIUM GOLD range is being introduced to ensure a long-standing brand life in the future. Holistic Way has also launched its GUMMY supplements range, suitable for younger consumers to encourage and educate them to start maintaining healthy habits at an early age.

Over the next 12 months, Holistic Way will be rolling out more ranges, such as Holistic Way Bio-Elixir and Holistic Way Essentials, to target different target markets and keep up with current trends.

“As life in Singapore becomes ever more hectic, more people are turning to vitamins and supplements for their much needed nutrients,” said CEO Ricky Ong.

“We are committed to delivering quality health supplements and a natural healthy lifestyle to all our customers, and are dedicated to being the trusted health supplements company for every household in Singapore.”

As a devout Buddhist, Mr Ong believes that religion teaches us ‘To do what is right and always do good’ and has created the JR People Care Fund to give back to the community.

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