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Everyone has the potential to Reach for Great and achieve meaningful things in life. In order to pursue our aspirations, good health is our most valuable asset. We can do our best to plan for good health by eating right, exercising and getting enough rest, but it is equally important that we also make plans for how to protect it should the unexpected occur.

According to the latest health research, cancer rates are on the rise among under-50s worldwide1 and healthcare inflation in Malaysia is 3-4 times higher than the general inflation rate2. In addition, a survey on patients who suffered from critical illness revealed that 1 in 2 people worried about the expenses of managing their illness and its impact on family finances3. 2 in 5 people also had no income for 12 months during their recovery period as they were unable to work3.

Should anything like this happen to us, the last thing we want to worry about is paying for our medical expenses, especially if we need long-term care. The situation becomes more challenging if we have children and are our family’s sole breadwinner. Having health insurance can make all the difference as it helps us cover the costs of our medical treatment without having to dip into our personal savings. We can then focus on the most important thing during this crucial period – getting better.

Great Eastern is a leading life and health insurance brand that is trusted by millions of Malaysians. By understanding the needs of its customers at every stage of life, the company leverages customer insights and product innovations to develop a wide range of financial protection solutions that meet every age, need and income group.  This includes solutions that help our customers protect and grow wealth for multiple generations of their family.

Great Eastern’s health insurance range covers critical illness plans, disability income plans, hospital cash plans, long-term care plans and medical expense plans. The coverage stretches from basic to extensive, with plans that protect against a single condition like cancer to policies that cover over 188 conditions.

By empowering Malaysians with financial health protection and inspiring them to live healthier, Great Eastern can help our customers reach their goals and Reach for Great.


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