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Health is the most important asset in our life.It is irreplaceable, so it is essential that we treasure it. Staying healthy is at the top of the list of course, but so is protecting ourselves and our loved ones with financial security should any unfortunate event happen and we fall ill. Medical care and hospitalisation are expenses that impose a significant financial burden if we are not prepared.

Financial planning will help to cover the expenses, but it usually assumes our income remains constant or increases in the years to come. This is not always the reality as illness may sometimes affect our ability to work or prevent us from working altogether, affecting our ability to provide for our dependents.

These factors, together with the increased incidence of chronic illnesses and rising healthcare costs, make it important to plan for the possibility of large medical expenses to protect us from having to draw on our savings and investments.

Great Eastern is a leading insurance brand that has been trusted by generations of Malaysians for 115 years. It provides an extensive range of life and healthcare solutions to help us achieve financial security and wellbeing at every stage of life.

Great Eastern’s health insurance plans help to reimburse the fees incurred during hospitalisation, and offset some of the outpatient treatment costs such as medication and consultancy charges. Some policies also provide an income replacement stream if we are not able to work.

In Malaysia, a large majority of treatments in the private medical sector are paid for by patients without insurance from their own pockets. In addition, there is the constant inflation of medical costs every year.

This is where health insurance can make the difference, helping us cover the costs of treatment while caring for our loved ones.

Among the different types of healthcare solutions offered are critical illness plans, disability income plans, hospital cash plans, long-term care plans and medical expense plans. There are even policies which target specific conditions such as cancer plans.

At Great Eastern, we constantly set new standards to support our customers with protection and financial goals at their every life stage, and help them Reach for Great!

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