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FOUNDED IN THE 1930s, Blackmores boasts a 94-year brand history and embodies a strong belief in exclusivity and diversity, carrying forward Maurice Blackmore’s pioneering spirit into today’s culture.

As a leading natural health company and one of the largest natural health brands globally, Blackmores never compromises on quality. Each Blackmores product passes more than 30 rigorous quality tests and checks during all stages of the manufacturing process, prior to being released to market. We retain a sample from every batch produced to cover the shelf life of the product and complete ongoing testing and quality monitoring. The health and safety of our consumers is at the heart of our business. The brand continuously strives to produce products suitable for different dietary preferences, such as halal and vegan products, to cater to diverse needs.

Blackmores’ guiding naturopathy principle is to be kind to the body by harnessing the healing power of nature, while offering scientifically proven natural solutions. The company searches extensively to find the best and most reliable ingredients that meet its strict criteria. For example, the fish oil comes from sustainable fishing practices off the coast of Peru, where the anchovy fish have the lowest contaminant risk. Most importantly, Blackmores products deliver results. All Blackmores vitamins and supplements are evidence-based, giving consumers confidence that the products they are buying will be effective.

Last year, Blackmores Singapore launched two new products.

One of the new products is for sleep. A good night’s sleep is important for body restoration and skin repair. This product nurtures a good night’s sleep while nourishing the skin overnight to support skin health from the inside out. Specially formulated with a blend of antioxidant vitamins and botanical hops to support your nightly beauty routine.

Another new product is a specially formulated supplement for kids. It contains calcium, vitamin D3, and colostrum to support your child reach their growth potential. Its 99% sugar-free, in orange-flavoured chewable capsules.

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