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NUTRILITE FOUNDER AND HEALTH VISIONARY Carl F. Rehnborg introduced the health supplement brand to the world 90 years ago, when he discovered ‘Associated Food Factors’, better known today as Phytonutrients. He knew that great supplements meant bringing together the Best of Nature and Science. Over the years, Nutrilite has continued to champion his vision of improving the health and wellbeing of consumers.

Nutrilite’s passion for health and wellbeing has since grown into an obsession for quality assurance. Nutrilite checks every step of the process, from seed to supplement – an attribute highly respected by industry peers. “We pride ourselves on our Traceability process to ensure Pure, Safe and Effective supplements for everyone,” said Ms Joyce Tan, Senior Brand Manager Nutrition & Innovation.

Last year, Nutrilite brought a unique weight-management concept to life through the introduction of the BodyKey Gut Reset Weight Management Programme. Inspired by scientific insights, health data and supported by Nutrilite supplements, this programme guides consumers on a sustainable weight-management journey that starts from their gut.

Back by the highly encouraging success of the programme, Nutrilite will be bringing it to greater heights this year with a series of innovative product launches and a fresh new look!

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