Songhe Rice

AS THE STAPLE INGREDIENT for most Singaporeans, rice needs to be not only good quality but affordable. For almost 30 years, SõngHè has been providing just that: high quality rice that can be enjoyed by many. In fact, SõngHè is the only importer of rice to Singapore that has invested in cold room storage to keep rice fresh without the need of fumigation against weevils.

SõngHè also believes that a good brand should fulfil its social responsibility. That’s why SõngHè started the ‘Good Man Good Deeds Good Rice’ campaign in 2004, which continues today. Believing that humans are innately kind, the campaign helps to stimulate and inspire the public.

For the past 15 years, SõngHè has collaborated with schools, tertiary institutions and charity organisations to encourage good deeds and spread kindness. Starting with its signature crane, the rice importer asked the public to fold paper cranes. For every paper crane made, SõngHè donated 100 grams of rice to a beneficiary. The ‘paper crane for a bowl of rice’ campaign left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of many Singaporeans.

Since 2015, SõngHè has partnered with Singapore Print Media LianHe WanBao (联合晚报) to feature heart-warming stories of individuals and groups who help people in need. For every story featured, SõngHè donates 500kg of rice and 60 L of cooking oil to a beneficiary. In April, SõngHè sponsored a four-episode series of Good Man Good Deeds on Mediacorp Channel 8.