AS THE ONLY manufacturer that develops both air conditioners and refrigerant, and the only Japanese air conditioning specialist with over 90 worldwide production bases, Daikin is firmly committed to creating innovative cooling solutions.

The Daikin SMILE Series offers consumers air conditioners with the highest energy efficiency, recognised by the National Environment Agency’s Energy Rating System with 5 Ticks. The Daikin SMILE Series has the most robust cooling capacity* of all air conditioners and can quickly cool every corner of your house. Light sleepers can also be assured of a sound night’s sleep as the Daikin SMILE Series is the quietest** air conditioner in the market.

Requiring just a single outdoor unit to maintain comfort for up to five rooms, the Daikin SMILE Series’ stylish good looks has earned it a Good Design Award, while its compact size will solve any space constraints. And for greater convenience, you can control your air conditioner using the Smart Control function. In fact, Daikin’s smart home solution D’SmartHome enables cross-brand connectivity, allowing users to seamlessly control air conditioners, air purifiers, lighting, security systems and many others from a smartphone. Visit any Daikin Proshop to find out more.

Daikin is honoured to be the No. 1 Air Conditioner Brand# in Singapore according to Euromonitor research, and the longest holder of the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Gold Award for 18 consecutive years. These all reinforce Daikin’s position as a strong market leader dedicated to continually providing the best for its new, current and long-term customers in Singapore.

* For Japanese Aircon outdoor unit with height below 1m. **Applicable to selected models only.
#Euromonitor International Limited, Consumer Appliances 19ed, retail volume sales in units, 2018 data