Chan Brothers Travel agent

MARKET LEADER CHAN BROTHERS TRAVEL has clocked up its 11th consecutive platinum win in the Travel Agent category of Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands.

With the advent of more demand for the extraordinary, Chan Brothers Travel has unveiled a collection of experiential adventures – novel destinations featuring off-the-beatentrack itineraries complete with immersive activities. Destinations include Antarctica, the Arctic, Latin America, East Africa, Nepal and Iran. New types of tour formats have also been developed in conjunction with these destinations to include expedition cruises, small group tours and concept tours, such as My Travel Photographer Series.

+en Travel Envoys by Chan Brothers Group is Singapore’s first travel entrepreneur network programme that attracts new talent to the travel industry, helps harness growth opportunities and improves distribution of tourism products and services.

The Chan Brothers Group of Companies features 30 companies with multiple brands – including Asia Global Vacation, Euroworld, Chan’s World Holidays, Chan Brothers Express and Chan Brothers Travel Powerhouse – offering worldwide tour packages to different market segments.

With more than 100 awards and accolades to its name, Chan Brothers Travel truly is the expert in touring and travel.