ELBA PROVIDES state-of-the-art home products to meet the everevolving needs of homeowners, so you can enjoy the very best quality and comfort. As the pandemic has been forcing people to stay at home for longer periods, Singaporeans have rediscovered their love of cooking. With this in mind, the R&D team at ELBA has been working on developing new, cutting-edge products and incorporating advanced features into existing models. For example, the new series of Gas Hobs come with Defendi® burners, cast iron pan supports, a cast iron small pan adapter, as well as a cast iron wok stand. ELBA ovens are renowned for their product quality and superior design, with the multi-functional EBO 9810 S model featuring catalytic self-cleaning panels. To help home cooks serve up more exciting dishes, ELBA produces a blog to share useful tips and recipes, as well as other informative content for a better user experience. It also has a YouTube channel to demonstrate its products.

Casa is ELBA’s exclusive distributor in Singapore – a leading homegrown distributor of quality home products

ELBA’s exclusive distributor in Singapore, Casa (S) Pte Ltd, is one of the country’s leading homegrown distributors of quality home products. And as more Singaporeans are switching to ELBA, the company is growing its offerings. Watch out for the launch of its new dishwashers, washing machines and dryers this year.

In line with the Singapore Government’s Green Initiatives, ELBA is launching more energy-efficient products to lower consumer energy consumption and support green initiatives towards sustainability.