Acer laptop

STARTING FROM HUMBLE BEGINNINGS in a tiny Taipei office, a team of five dreamers led by legendary Acer founder Stan Shih set out to break down barriers between people and technology. The team worked tirelessly on their inventions, sleeping at desks on many occasions, until they struck gold in 1980 with the Dragon Chinese computer and terminal.

In 1987, the start-up changed its name from Multitech to Acer – Latin for ‘sharp, keen, energetic’. In 1988, Acer went public and the company’s desktops, laptops, tablets and software became a household name.

Acer remains beholden to the idea that ‘technology should be a universal right’, and continually strives to empower people. Through innovation and awardwinning design, the company believes it can help people to chase their dreams and overcome technological challenges. Acer’s portfolio of premium products truly deliver on cutting-edge technology.

This year Acer will be launching new notebooks such as the AllNew Swift 7 and Triton 500/900 gaming powerhouses. The first Predator Concept Store will officially open at SM City North EDSA in Quezon City, and will house Acer’s latest gaming chair, Thronos. For updates, follow Acer on Facebook, Instagram @acerph and Twitter @AcerPhils.