coway water purifier

ORIGINATING IN SOUTH KOREA IN 1989, Coway has grown into a world-renowned brand for enhancing people’s lives. Coway officially made its presence in the Malaysian market in 2006 providing health appliances to Malaysians and this year marks its 15th anniversary.

Recognised for its high-quality products, Coway has been awarded the Water Quality Association Gold Seal Mark every year, and in 2010 Coway became the first brand to acquire JAKIM’s Halal Certification for its water purifier series.

Coway’s products are also accompanied with a professional maintenance service, or Cody, which proves consistency in quality control and customer satisfaction.

Introduced in 2006, Coway’s professional and heart-warming service has won the hearts of 2 million Malaysians. The Cody team of attentive and dedicated service women are always ready to assist customers with technical matters related to filter replacements and product maintenance.

This congenial service is one of the many reasons why Coway has become a trusted and respected brand, serving more than seven million homes worldwide.

“Coway will continue to focus on developing life-changing health appliances for every corner of the house: water purifiers in the kitchen; quality mattresses for the bedroom; air purifiers for the living room; and toilet bidets and water softeners for the bathroom,” says Mr Kyle Choi Ki Ryong, Managing Director of Coway Malaysia.