Award: Platinum
Category: Hair Treatment Centres

CUSTOMISED FORMULAS USING PREMIUM CHINESE HERBS, such as Ginseng, Dang Gui and He Shou Wu, are the cornerstone of Yun Nam’s hair treatments. To tailor make a client’s unique formula, they first undergo an advanced hair follicle scan to accurately identify their hair or scalp issues. Taking the client’s gender, age, and lifestyle habits into consideration, a customised treatment plan can then be formed. “This process has remained unchanged since Yun Nam began 40 years ago,” said Wendy Sek, General Manager. “It has allowed us to see the visible results of more than 85,000 satisfied customers.”

Yun Nam’s customers can trust that the ingredients used in their treatments are all-natural, packed with goodness, safe, and most importantly, effective.

In fact, 98.7% of customers see visible improvements in their hair and scalp problems after consulting Yun Nam. This dedication towards delivering positive results has allowed Yun Nam to maintain its status as a Trusted Brand winner for 15 consecutive years. 

To improve service, customers are asked to provide feedback via the ‘WeCare’ platform. “Having access to this feedback is valuable as we can better understand our client’s perspective and get insight into the areas that have room for improvement,” said Ms Sek. Positive feedback also allows the hair care brand to reward staff and encourage consistency in providing 5-star service.

Actor Jesseca Liu was so impressed with her positive hair and scalp results, she became an ambassador for the brand. This year Yun Nam is also working with selected influencers to further generate engaging content on TikTok and Instagram.

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