Award: Platinum
Category: Mattress

URATEX FOUNDER ROBERT G. CHENG started his dream of providing high-quality foams and comfortable affordable mattresses while sitting in the shade of a santol tree. In 1968, together with his wife Natividad Cheng, they built the Polyfoam Chemical Corporation with a capital of just PHP 4,000 and the help of ten employees.

It wasn’t long before the fledgling company was catering to increasing demands from other industries. With the growing brand came a name change, RGC/Uratex Group of Companies, which paved the way for the group to venture into other products, for example specialized foam for electronics and automotive seating.

For the past 55 years, Uratex has been a shining star in the sleep business by keeping its promise of offering comfort through high quality products, yet providing value for money that help enrich sleep and wellbeing.

This year, Uratex is launching new, innovative products. Since sustainability is very important to Uratex, the company will release its newest sustainable collection, Trill Seave by Uratex, which features a mattress-in-a-box made from sustainable components. Later in the year, Uratex is planning on launching its own brand of linens to complete its sleep-product offerings.

Uratex has won the Platinum Trusted Brand award for 13 years straight and would like to thank Filipinos for the constant support that the brand has received from consumers.

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