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OPTIMISM, WARMTH AND CARE is what Sun Life stands for. Originating in Canada, Sun Life found its way to the Philippines 128 years ago. Because its values resonated with Filipinos, it allowed Sun Life to establish a connection with us and provide a partner on our financial journey.

Fast forward a little over a century, and Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI), which launched in 2000, has 16 mutual funds covering a wide spectrum of local and global investments, while addressing the various risk profiles and financial needs of Filipinos.

“I’m proud to say that amid all the progress we’ve made and the success we’ve enjoyed, we remain true to the values that our brand represents,” said Gerald Bautista, President, Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc.

Sun Life is a purpose-driven company that aims to help clients achieve lifetime financial security. SLAMCI’s commitment is demonstrated in three ways:

  1. It has seasoned professionals who are well-equipped to look for opportunities that will set its strategies apart from the competition and bring value to clients;
  2. As a member of the Sun Life group of companies, it leverages global expertise, optimizing its access to the latest and most relevant ideas and resources from Sun Life worldwide;
  3. It offers competitive fund returns compared with investment products offered by top banks. This is complemented by the continuous development of distribution channels – from growing its financial advisors, engaging banks and introducing a direct online sales platform.

“All these allow Sun Life to strengthen the service it provides its clients and to build a lasting bond with them – a privilege it never takes for granted.”

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