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AS A TRUSTED HOMEGROWN RICE BRAND, SōngHè has maintained its traditional values of quality, freshness and healthy eating for nearly 35 years. Providing Singaporeans with only high-quality rice from the best rice growing regions around the world, SōngHè also ensures the rice it imports is kept in optimum conditions. When the rice reaches the country, it is kept in chilled warehouses to maintain freshness and forgoing the need for added fumigation.

As a socially conscious and responsible enterprise, SōngHè is aware of the need to spread kindness and give back to the community. For the past 20 years, the rice brand has been running its ‘Good Man. Good Deed. Good Rice’ campaign, which is backed with deeds of kindness, such as its Fold-a-Crane Kindness campaign in schools and organisations.

This initiative serves as a bonding and leisure activity, but more importantly, a charitable one – for every crane folded, SōngHè pledges to donate one bowl of rice (100g) to those in need.

SōngHè is also receptive to customer feedback and ideas for improvement of their favourite product and has set up a hotline to answer customer queries. Traditionally conservative in its marketing methods, this year SōngHè is channelling its efforts towards digital media with light-hearted content to attract younger audiences.

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