Award: Gold
Category: Washing Machines

FOR THE PAST 42 YEARS, SHARP has served the Philippines with innovative products, providing the community with a wide range of high-quality washing machines – semi-automatics, front loaders, and top loaders – for the best and most efficient laundry experience.

Sharp’s washing machines are equipped with several unique features, such as its No Holes Tub Technology. Gentle on clothes, it also uses less water and provides a cleaner, more hygienic wash. Sharp also offers washing machines with a Low Water Pressure Valve, which provides a great wash even in areas with low water pressure.

Selected models also use inverter technology, with benefits such as energy efficiency and low operational costs, saving consumers money on each laundry load.

This year, new Sharp washing machines models will be released, including the Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine model with Heat Pump Tumble Dryer. Sharp Philippines values sincerity, creativity and innovation and has remained strong through the years, withstanding economic and other challenges. One of the top washing machine brands in the country, Sharp has again been recognized as a Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand for the 12th consecutive year.


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