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Category: Female Skin Care

WITH UNREGULATED SKINCARE products containing harmful ingredients more accessible than ever, consumers should be wary of their risks, such as long-term skin damage. They can, however, be rest assured of the safety and high quality of Safi products. Safi skincare undergoes stringent quality control, dermatological testing, and official certifications from the Ministry of Health to ensure the safety and efficacy of its products in attaining healthy and beautiful skin.

An essential catalyst in Safi’s success lies in its Safi Research Institute (SRI), the world’s largest and most advanced Halal skincare R&D facility. This cutting-edge facility, managed by award-winning scientists, allows Safi to create breakthrough formulations with advanced skincare technology that integrate the power of science and nature to bring out the best in Asian skin, such as the Safi Perfect White and Safi Youth Gold ranges.

All Safi products are free from harmful ingredients and adhere to international safety and quality standards and are verified by member scientists of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC). Safi is spearheading research in skincare and its accolades include ranking in the top ten brands for research in 2023, while in 2020 it won the Young Scientist Award.

As a Muslim-owned brand, Safi’s vision has always been clear – to provide Halal-certified, Shariah-compliant skin solutions that speak to consumer needs and personal values at affordable prices, as well as being on par with international standards of quality.

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