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Category: Rice

ROYAL UMBRELLA has brought families together at the dining table ever since it was introduced to the Singapore market in 1986. Today, it is still highly sought after at meal times for its intoxicating aroma and soft and fluffy texture. Royal Umbrella attained the No. 1 rice brand in Singapore from January to December 2022* and we thank our loyal customers for the continued support.

Royal Umbrella’s premium grade Thai Hom Mali Rice hails from northeast Thailand, where the natural environment is a perfect mix of fertile soil and climate for rice production. Royal Umbrella also takes pride in delivering high quality rice through its advanced technologies and stringent procedures, which starts with rice cultivation. 

A team of rice specialists stay and work closely with farmers at the paddy fields to ensure its strict processes are complied with consistently. Royal Umbrella is also the only rice brand in the market to have DNA tests for authenticity, ensuring that its Thai Hom Mali Rice is 100% premium with no adulterants.  

Royal Umbrella’s premium rice range has also extended to the healthy rice series which comprises Royal Umbrella Thai Fragrant Brown Rice and Thai Mixed Rice (70% fragrant, 20% brown and 10% red rice). This range offers higher nutritional values, and both varieties are endorsed with the Healthier Choice Symbol.

As a continuous yearly effort, Royal Umbrella is aiming to reduce or eliminate single-use bags by encouraging consumers to upcycle Royal Umbrella’s packaging.   

*Topseller Pte Ltd calculation based in part on data reported by NielsenIQ through its Retail Index Service for the Rice category for the 52-weeks period ending December 2022, for the Total Singapore Modern Trade Market. (Copyright © 2023, NielsenIQ.)

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