Award: Platinum
Category: Broadband/Fiber Internet Services

PLDT HOME IS THE UNDISPUTED FASTEST BROADBAND in the Philippines, and the first and only telecommunications provider in the country that delivers up to 10,000 Mbps internet speeds.

Awarded by the prestigious Ookla® Speedtest Awards for five consecutive years as the Philippines’ fastest broadband, PLDT consistently bests all other major internet providers in the Philippines.

With a fiber footprint of 1.09 million kilometers – consisting of over 231,000 kilometers

of international fiber and 860,000 kilometers of domestic fiber; a total fiber-to-the-home capacity of 5.9 million ports; and 16.8 million homes passed as of end-September – PLDT leads the country into a future-ready digital economy where Filipinos have boundless opportunities to enrich their lives through technology.

PLDT Home’s fastest and most reliable high-speed internet helps families to build better lives at home by enabling them to work and study more productively and efficiently and enjoy a suite of entertainment content fit for their lifestyle.

PLDT Home also gives home-based businesses access to complete e-commerce solutions to help them thrive and earn better. 

By providing digital innovations for every home, PLDT Home empowers Filipinos in building a connected and smarter future, where their opportunities to succeed at home and in life are limitless.


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