Award: Platinum
Category: Pens

FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY, PILOT PENS has played a significant role in the culture of writing. In fact, PILOT PENS has been creating high-quality writing tools since 1918.

Testament to this is its BP-S and G-Tec Gel ink ballpoint pens, which have been in the market for 50 and 30 years respectively, and remain the go-to writing instrument for many Filipinos. So it’s no surprise that the country has voted PILOT PENS a Platinum Trusted Brands award winner again this year, as it has for the past 20 years.

Pilot Pens’ success comes from always staying at the forefront of design and innovation. It continually improves favourable product features while integrating new ideas with genuine consideration of its customers to stay on the cutting edge of writing culture.

“Applying technological advancements keep our products consistent and reliable, while making pens of the highest quality keep our customers coming back for more,” says Mr. Edwin Sy – Vice President of Pilot Pens Philippines (Cosmos Bazar, Inc.).

PILOT PENS is introducing several new products this year to excite loyal customers, including markers and pens that are environmentally friendly, reliable and economical.

“Pilot Pens puts great importance on coming up with sustainable solutions by considering their impact on the environment, while maintaining their high quality,” says Mr Sy.

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