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PANASONIC HAS A DEDICATED GROUP OF LOYAL FOLLOWERS, largely because “We show we care like no other brand by manufacturing durable products that enrich the lives of our customers,” said Satoshi Kono, Panasonic Philippines’ Executive Director. “From ‘my first washing machine’ to our premium Care+ Front Load Washing Machine, we are there for our customers at every stage of their lives.”

Launching in 1951, Panasonic’s first washing machine symbolized liberation from the arduous chore that consumed so much of one’s time. With the public’s fervent enthusiasm towards the washing machine, Panasonic took up the reins and continually innovated, introducing new technologies that have led the trend in washing machine evolution.

In 2003, it launched a washer with a tilted drum to make loading and unloading the laundry easier, while reducing water consumption. A short time later, it followed with a model featuring ActiveFoam, which generates superfine foam to drastically boost washing performance.

Panasonic’s most recent washer, the Care+ Edition, features Hybrid Dry technology that enables fabric to dry gently, hygienically and quickly, while its latest top load fully automatic washing machines feature a Clean Master wash program that effortlessly removes stubborn dirt.


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