Award: Gold
Category: Washing Machines

IN A MARKET FLOODED WITH OPTIONS, Panasonic stands out not by competing on price, but by prioritizing the vital element of ‘Brand Value’. At the core of its strategy lies a commitment to delivering exceptional products and a nurturing team of people to ensure a seamless and satisfying experience for customers.

“Our fundamental goal is not just to provide washing machines, but to deliver an unparalleled laundry experience,” said Satoshi Kono, Panasonic Philippines Executive Director. Panasonic invests in technologies that deliver products that go beyond mere functionality.

“Our machines are designed to be reliable, efficient and adapt to the evolving needs of our users, ensuring they get the best in terms of performance and innovation.”

Outshining the competition involves more than just a cutting-edge product – it’s about the entire customer journey, and Panasonic takes pride in offering ‘Quality Customer Care’. From the purchase to after-sales service, Panasonic customers experience a level of care that goes beyond expectations because, “We understand that a satisfied customer is not just a one-time buyer but a loyal advocate for the brand.” Panasonic’s goal is to establish itself as the No.1 Customer Care provider in the home appliance industry. Recognizing the diverse needs of customers, the brand is significantly increasing the number of Service Centers across the Philippines, while enhancing the technical and communication skills of its technicians.


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