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Category: Refrigerators

PANASONIC TAKES PRIDE IN BEING AN INDUSTRY LEADER in manufacturing appliances with top energy efficiencies. Panasonic is especially proud of its pioneering Inverter Technology, that gave refrigerators precise temperature control to make food last longer.

Since launching its first refrigerator in 1953, Panasonic has kept standards high, manufacturing durable appliances that last for years.

Panasonic continues to evolve, improving each new model to perfect temperature control for perishable foods.

Panasonic’s core strengths lie in its wide range of fridges, which cater for every stage of a consumer’s life, from ‘my first refrigerator’ to its premium Prime+ Refrigerator.

Panasonic’s recent addition to its line-up is the Prime+ Edition Refrigerator, which boasts the Prime Freeze feature that delivers unique refrigeration, fresh freezing functions, and hygiene technologies to ensure food stays fresh, nutritious and safe to reduce food waste. It comes with three key modes to suit a variety of needs, such as Rapid Freezing, Quick Cooling and Cool Down.

Newly launched is the 2-Door No Frost Deluxe Refrigerator, which has a 5-star refrigerator-freezer energy rating, making this latest model highly energy efficient. Both these models are made from premium materials and feature aesthetically pleasing designs with sleek lines that fi t in any kitchen space.

Going forward, Panasonic will continue to address the needs of the era and innovate sustainable technologies that create a healthier planet.


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