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Category: Air Conditioners

PANASONIC HAS ALWAYS BEEN COMMITTED to producing high-quality Japanese products that make life better. In fact, Panasonic has been making life a breeze ever since it produced its first durable and dependable air conditioner in 1958 – the model that initiated Panasonic’s leadership in developing comfortable air control systems.

Since then, it has enriched every stage of people’s lives with a wide range of products: from ‘my first air conditioner’ to its premium nanoe™ X-powered Split-type air conditioner.

With social trends moving towards a more health-conscious lifestyle, Panasonic introduced its nanoe™ X air conditioner, that uses the power of hydroxyl radicals contained in water. Following this, Panasonic pursued environment comfort-led models featuring indirect airflow, which blows air towards walls and ceilings to create a more natural comfort.

Panasonic continually evolves its products. This year it is launching its newest nanoe™ X Generator Mark 3, which has greater efficiencies in inhibiting viruses, bacteria, pollens, molds, hazardous substances, odors and allergens – including the novel coronavirus or SARS-COV-2 that causes COVID-19.

The brand has also expanded its commercial line-up of nanoe™ equipped products to better serve society. On the homefront, consumers can download the Comfort Cloud App to control their Panasonic air conditioners using their smartphone or tablet, and even activate the nanoe™ X to clean and deodorize the air in their homes without turning on the air conditioning unit.


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