Award: Gold
Category: Plasticware

OROCAN’S PROMISE TO FILIPINOS is to provide durable and affordable houseware products, so this is what the brand continually focuses on. Since launching its first plasticwares in the 1980s, Orocan has constantly updated product lines to ensure they are relevant to the ways Filipinos live their lives.

Consumers can trust that Orocan will provide only the most invaluable products for their homes. Take this year’s new line of storage boxes, food containers, large icebox with wheels, and an updated drawer that is simple and modern.

And although that statement may make some items more expensive to inferior brands, Orocan ensures ‘customers get what they pay for’ by always producing the very best quality products.

To make its product lines more visible to the general public, Orocan is partnering with some of the country’s top social media content creators this year so its top-notch plasticwares will be seen across YouTube and TikTok.


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