Award: Gold
Category: Plasticware

SINCE OROCAN LAUNCHED its first products in the 1980s in response to the looming water crisis in the Philippines, the brand has gone from strength to strength.

Coined ‘Orocan’, meaning ‘Can of Gold’, to project quality and value for money, the brand started out releasing pails and large water containers. The following decade saw it launch the Caha de Oro drawers, and in the new millennium the Icebox.

Committed to modernizing its designs to keep up with the evolving tastes of Filipino consumers, this year Orocan is launching new water jugs that are not only designed well, but are very sturdy and easy to take with you on picnics with family and friends. This year we’ll also see a big update to the Orocan storage box product line.

Orocan has always valued quality and value for money, and these values have driven the company’s growth. The pandemic further reinforced the importance of these values, as it taught people to research before they buy and look out for the best deals.

Having won the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Gold Award for seven years in a row, this ‘Can of Gold’ easily outshines its competitors.


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