Award: Gold
Category: Air Purifier

HOMEGROWN BRAND NOVITA dedicates itself to delivering continuous product innovation and excelling in service. Recognised by Singaporeans year after year, the award-winning brand has won a Trusted Brand award in the air purifier category for the ninth year in a row. 

This year novita would like to present its latest Dehumidifer + Air Purifier innovation, the 2-IN-1 ND60, the highest capacity consumer unit in Singapore. With a 60-litre capacity, the Dehumidifier + Air Purifier’s dual functions double your protection. 

While regulating humidity levels, it dehumidifies excess moisture, purifies the air with HEPA filtration, freshens your indoor air quality with millions of negative ions, as well as speeds up your indoor laundry drying time. 

Powered by a high-performance rotary compressor, the 2-IN-1 ND60 is energy efficient and provides reliable performance and prolonged durability, while its ten-year compressor warranty provides you with peace of mind that your ND60 will continue to combat excess moisture and purify air quality in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry areas, storage rooms and wardrobes for years to come.

As the highest capacity Dehumidifier + Air Purifier in the Singapore market, there is a lot to love about novita’s 2-IN-1 ND60.

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