Award: Gold
Category: Air Purifiers

EXPERIENCE THE POWER AND CONVENIENCE of the novita ND2 – the ultimate compact and energy-efficient two-in-one Dehumidifier + Air Purifier. Providing a 13L/day extraction rate, the ND2 provides generous dehumidification and air purification coverage – up to 409ft2 and 248ft2 with its H11 HEPA and Hi-Performance Granular Activated Carbon Filtration System, respectively. It is also designed with UV-C for sterilisation and a semi-permanent Built-In Ionizer that emits up to 20 million negative ions/cm3 to freshen up your living space and elevate your indoor air quality. Comprising 5 years warranty on its High-Performance Compressor and DC Brushless Motor System, customers are assured of enduring quality.

Additionally, novita is listed in NEA’s list of portable Air Cleaners Against COVID-19 Virus Aerosols.

novita A8i, the highest Smoke CADR of 847 CMH (Overall) in the listing, together with novita A18 and A11, are powered by the nano ions H13 HEPA filtration system, and packed with ergonomic features and smart configurations to diligently safeguard your indoor air quality. Breathe well, breathe safe with novita!

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