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Category: Skin Care Centre

FOR ALMOST 20 YEARS, New York Skin Solutions has been providing the community with customised skin care treatments that combine innovative products and personalised regimes to help clients achieve healthy skin.  

By applying the skills and knowledge of its in-house team of skincare specialists and experts, New York Skin Solutions strives to achieve the best results for clients and ensure a flawless experience.

With over 20 locations in Singapore and Malaysia, clients are given an in-depth skin analysis to understand the root cause of their problems and prescribed specifically targeted treatments made from 100% botanical ingredients.

This year, clients can look forward to the launch of four new treatments that effectively target all major skin concerns: from acne and ageing skin to pigmentation and more. Using the latest technology and New York Skin Solutions’ expert knowhow, the innovative treatments will be the first since the skin care centre’s launch of its HydroCollagen+ Skin Treatment in 2017. 

Individuals suffering from acne can try New York Skin Solutions’ new Cica Acne Treatment. With a new and improved formula, combined with advanced technology, acne treatments are gentle and almost painless while highly effective. 

The grand launch is set to go live in September, and New York Skin Solutions will be reaching out to consumers via outdoor media and social media, such as Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

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