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EAT WELL, FEEL GREAT! The COVID-19 pandemic created greater awareness around health and the need to improve physical and mental wellness plus enhance the body’s immunity. Hence, the award-winning brand Naturel has become even more relevant to consumers’ daily routine. Today, Naturel is the brand of choice for consumers seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Through its ‘Join the Naturel Living’ campaign, the brand has successfully heightened consumer awareness regarding GOOD FAT and NOT SO GOOD ONES.

Using its flagship product, Naturel Blend Cooking Oil, made from good flower seed oils, the brand promoted the nutritional benefits of maintaining a balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in the diet.

Naturel proudly observes Malaysian consumers’ enhanced knowledge of cooking oil selection for their needs. Duo oil usage is common in modern households. Naturel consistently promotes its oils for light-to-medium heat cooking and encourages a diet rich in vegetables, beans, white meat, and fruits.

Olive Oil is now widely accepted in Malaysia, and Naturel has added new offerings to its range of olive oil as well as providing 360-degree brand communication to elevate its brand appeal to consumers.

Its ‘Taste the Freshness of Spain’ and ‘Olive to Oil in 24 hours’ campaigns propelled Naturel olive oil to become the market leader in this category*. Naturel has also added new innovative products to its range, such as the Olive Lite Spread and Olive Oil Spray range, such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Truffle Oil or Avocado Oil.

Naturel is continuously enhancing its product offerings to become the preferred brand for natural and healthy food. This focus has seen Naturel expand its Organic and Gluten Free pasta range. In the near future, consumers can expect more exciting brand campaigns and organic products.

Let’s join the Naturel Living today!

*2022 Nielsen Audit research

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