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CONSUMERS ARE BECOMING MORE HEALTH CONSCIOUS, and Naturel is leading the way by creating healthier products and effective consumer engagement to help Malaysians achieve a healthier lifestyle. Naturel aims to bring a holistic approach to its brand proposition through the message of ‘Eat Right, Keep Fit and Beat Stress’ to modern consumers and always strive to inspire them to ‘Join the Naturel Living’.

Naturel introduced Malaysians to the nutritional benefits of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in its flagship product, Naturel Blend Cooking Oil. This product showcases the right balance of nutrients that is ideal for preparing healthy meals.

Naturel’s pursuit of improvement and product extensions has resulted in ongoing consumer loyalty and support, which has seen Naturel maintain its No. 1 spot as Malaysia’s most preferred soft oil brand*.

Join the NATUREL Living for a healthier lifestyle.

Olive oil has also gained acceptance from consumers in Malaysia due to their rising awareness of its health benefits, with Naturel Olive Oil the current leading brand in this segment. As part of its continuous innovations, Naturel has a wide range of olive oils now available in a handy spray format for lighter cooking: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado Olive Oil, and White Truffle Olive Oil.

Consumers can also enjoy the goodness of Naturel Olive Oil in a tub with Naturel Olive Lite Spread that has a smooth light olive taste and contains 30% less fat – perfect for your morning toast.

To stay connected with consumers, Naturel has deepened its consumer engagement on social media platforms using customised branding campaigns, influencer programs and exciting giveaways.

*2022 Nielsen Audit research

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