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MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC’S REFRIGERATORS ARE DESIGNED in the pursuit of excellence. Built to keep food fresh, as nature intended, Mitsubishi Electric refrigerators are manufactured with superior food-preservation technologies and tested with uncompromising precision. Mitsubishi Electric’s Made-in-Japan range of feature-driven refrigerators also offers superior quality and intelligent design.

For example, every compartment in a Mitsubishi Electric refrigerator is equipped with a sensor to actively monitor and control temperature and airflow and prevent odour transfer, ensuring food in each compartment is kept in its ideal environment.

The multi-drawer fridge has a small footprint and large capacity that is packed with advanced features such as a Supercool Freezing Drawer capable of supercool freezing and hot freezing, supercool chilling case, vegetable and freezer drawers, and non-plumbed automatic ice maker.*

Established in 1977, Mitsubishi Electric Asia, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, has been offering reliable, high-performance products and solutions to the people of Singapore and the Asia Pacific region for more than 45 years. In line with all Mitsubishi Electric Asia products, Mitsubishi Electric refrigerators incorporate cutting-edge technologies for minimal environmental impact, further contributing to fostering a sustainable society.

*Available in selected models.

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